Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Launched! July 10 2008

The Digital Narrative is a new resource for teachers and authors exploring the use of new media forms in story writing.

The website offers a Media Library of free web based applications suited to story telling and exploring narrative structure in new forms.

A Teaching Method portal that includes numerous suggestions for presenting digital storytelling in the classroom.

A list of Resources to other prominent digital story websites and an increasing number of examples of digital stories.

So why Digital Narrative? Why bother?

'When we simulate a media in a computer, we fundamentally change it into something new.' Lev Manovich.

Digital Narrative introduces new ways of telling stories. Stories are our collective memory, they are a path to learning, a journey of expression; they remind us who we are and what we might be. The Digital Narrative offers a new medium for these themes, and a new form of interaction with digital media.

Most importantly, story offers us an extremely effective way of asserting a point of view - a powerful thing, particularly for young adults.

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Martin J

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