Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Because we're driven to it ...

Recent studies reveal that we give because it is innate. Altruism it turns out, is something that we're born with, a biological imperative to lesser or greater degree in all of us. When we write in any medium, you might also conclude that we are driven to share our stories. This part of us that is driven to give, must surely influence our sharing stories.

Of course when we tell a story there is ego involved, as well as a wish to entertain and enlighten. We tell stories to benefit our tribe warning of pitfalls, guiding by stories of example. People write for many reasons, but at the root of what drives us to share our stories is ... well ... sharing.

It's just another reason I see digital storytelling as enduring, an inevitable tide that is gradually coming in. Telling stories and needing to hear them is something that's innate within all of us, and the medium is now changing. Not all at once mind you, but slowly, over time, how we tell a story is undergoing a revolution.

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