Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is that a narrative in your pocket

There are a dizzying array of apps available for the iPhone, and I've recently been looking at those that allow you to build narrative or create images for digital stories.

Typedrawing: It is essentially, a way of creating concrete poetry on your phone. You determine the text, and then create a picture with that text using your finger to 'paint' on screen. It's simple and creative storytelling in a digital form at its best. Take a look at a selection of images submitted by Typedrawing enthusiasts.

Toy Camera: The Toy Camera app, was inspired by a cheap Japanese camera produced in the 60's. Cheap plastic bodies and even cheaper plastic lenses were used in production. Often the cameras were given away during promotions. The cheap construction however, often resulted in some quite abstract effects. The cameras became sought after items, and were used by professional photographers to obtain award winning images

With the Toy Camera app, you get a random effect with each photo inspired by the original camera, often with surprising results. There is something of a narrative in using this application. Use Toy Camera, and you'll often end up seeing your subject in an entirely unexpected way. A succession of pictures may well tell a story you hadn't intended. The random aspect of this app is it's most significant advantage, many users swear by it.

Take a look at what @eglantinescake did with hers recently.

iMotion: This app allows you make stop motion movies on your iPhone. This is such a simple concept, but produces powerful results. Recently updated, you'll find this app is addictive and great fun. You can produce short, 20 frame movies, or go for something much longer. The controls are simple and intuitive.

Cool FX: A versatile image editing application, with numerous filters and options. While there are dozens of image editing apps, some free (like the Photoshop app), most don't have the range of tools that Cool FX offers. There are a few notable effects missing like tiltcam, but plenty to keep you fully occupied if image manipulation is your thing.

Hitchcock: This app is a little on the pricey side, at just over $20 AUD ... but it's an amazing storyboarding tool. Take a photo, insert direction and cutout images in position, crop and shape and produce a fast storyboard with shots from your actual location. Some small film buffs swear by it.

Animoto: If you haven't had the pleasure of being introduced to this app, you're in for a treat. Take a succession of images, choose your musical accompaniment, and Animoto will stitch together a professional video with smooth transitions that move in time to the music you've chosen. Oh, and it's free!

This list could be endless ... there are so many apps out there, and this is just a small selection of those that caught my eye. If you've seen an app worth considering, do share it via a note in the comments.


David A. Kennedy said...

Great post!

This really shows how simple digital storytelling can be, and also how mobile it can be and could become in the future. I think that's the way it will go as more and more people use mobile devices to do anything and everything.

Meg Wilson said...

Great recommendations! Found a few new things :) Thanks!