Sunday, April 26, 2009

I've updated the Teaching Method resources with an entry for Penzu. This wonderful little application is, like all Digital Narrative resources, browser based and easy to use.

Penzu is essentially a diary online, as private or public as you wish. Its features are intuitive and the UI well designed. Not only that, but using a diary regularly will improve your writing, is a great format for storytelling ... and according to Penzu ... may even help you live longer?!

Diary writing is also great for exploring an existing class text (like the class novel), wonderful for developing a writing habbit and a fantastic way of introducing perspective to students. You can also include images, allowing you to explore juxtaposition with students.

The site does require registration, but only when you are ready to save your first entry. This means you can get started with a class quickly, and have them writing in minutes if you wish. The downside is that you'll need to maintain a list of passwords and usernames ... but this seems to be part of life in the modern age :-)

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