Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Exploring the new iPhone 3gs has been an obsession lately, particularly with regard to how it can be used to tell stories in the classroom. Of course the new video features with on the fly editing are wonderful. No the video quality isn't HD, but it's certainly YouTube worthy and quite suitable for storytelling projects you might be involved with in the classroom.

I've also been diving into the apps available as well with renewed vigour, and today was pleasantly surprised.

TypeDrawing is a small app built for the iPhone. It is essentially, a way of creating concrete poetry on your phone. At a cost of $1.19 AUD it's a bargain. You determine the text, and then create a picture with that text using your finger to 'paint' on screen. It's simple and creative storytelling in a digital form at its best. And the things I love about it most, it's accessible and great fun - here's hoping it may attract more people to digital storytelling!

You can find out more on the developers site, and there's even a lively Flickr group dedicated to TypeDrawing art. Worth a look

Just for the record, I'm not associated with TypeDrawing in any way.

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