Monday, July 20, 2009

Story Starters

I hated story starters when I was at school ... something many teachers still seem to roll out as a creative writing exercise. While I'll admit that some educators do take unique approaches to using story starters, for the most part they end up producing repetitive narratives that have been stalled before they began.

One simple alternative you can use to awaken a creative voice in young writers is to present them with a selection of inspiring images. Erin Tyners work reminded me of this when I came across her work today, her photographs cry out with stories that needs to be told.

There is something evocative and consuming about her small creations. They would be wonderful for inspiring discussions about character or story in the classroom.

Erin has a wonderful Flickr photo stream I'd recommend you visit, and you can purchase a selection of her images on her website if you're interested.

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