Friday, July 17, 2009

Stories to be told

It is said that there are a finite number of stories to be told, and that we simply retell them in our own fashion through each generation. We follow the heroes journey, we traverse the same narrative arcs, we relish the peril and conflict before achievement of a goal. We like to think we're making a unique contribution when we write, and we are, despite the myriad of familiar reappearances. Each author is unique in their perspective and style.

Each individual reader also accepts their own interpretation of events. Different aspects of the story are more or less important, different lessons are learnt or ignored based on the myriad of influences in a readers life.

Terrible Yellow Eyes offers a graphic reminder of this interpretation I think, where we are given the opportunity to see how contributors to this collection have been influenced by this famous story in so many fascinating ways.

I'd encourage you to look through these images reflecting on what aspect of Where the Wild Things Are perhaps most guided the artist. Was it conflict or friendship? Fear of the unknown? Or perhaps something more difficult to define?

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